Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tips for Housekeepers

I've been a housekeeper for little over a year. And just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has ever left a tip for housekeepers. You have no idea how those small and simple amounts of money change my day, and life.

I just became a mom a few months ago and not long after my husbands hours were cut at work and he ended up having extremely smaller pay checks then usually. We were struggling to pay the bills and still get food and baby wipes and diapers. One morning I woke up to find we were nearly out of wipes. And I knew we were way negative in the bank, so before I left for work I offered up a prayer. I asked that I'd be able to buy at least one package of wipes that day. As I went about cleaning my assigned rooms that day I found $15 in tips through out all my rooms. I was in shock. Usually I find less then $8 a day. And most days I get only a couple dollars. But that is on the days I actually find tips. But to find that much and after work be able to buy not only one box but two boxes of wipes because it was on sale. I felt very blessed. I have thanked the Lord for providing what I needed that day. But I also want to thank everyone who has ever left tips. $1 goes along way when you have nothing tell payday and even after payday nothing still. When you walk into a hotel room to clean up the mess big or small and see even just $1 it makes your day.

To be completely honest I never even knew you could leave a tip for housekeepers. I wish I had known that all the times that I stayed in hotels in the past. Which hasn't been very much. But know I know that you can, and if I ever stay in another hotel I'll leave the biggest tip I can at that time afford to do. Even if its $20 or more. Because those are the most rare to find. But not only will I leave a tip but a note as well. Because leaving a note makes it so much more meaningful. I once found a note that had a scripture on it that was about how God so loved the world , he gave his only begotten son. And on the note was a heart and it said Jesus loves you. And with it a $5 bill. I know he loves me, but its always nice to receive a small reminder that he is there. Although my favorite note I ever got I put in my journal to keep. A small child had drawn a picture of the hotel and employees. And had written Thank you Housekeepers on it. I don't remember how big the tip was with it. All I remember is that a small child took the time to thank me, even though they never met me, and they dont know me.

I just want to say thank you to those who care enough to leave even a little to thank us for our work.