Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Thoughts on Poetry. . .

My Thoughts On Poetry . . .

Hello dear readers. What are your thoughts on poetry? Have you ever written a poem that flows or a poem that just seems to go? Have you ever thought one in your mind and liked how it rhymed? Or are you one of those many individuals who just don't understand it, or care for it? Or like I used to be, do you love to write it but hate to read it? Or do you love to write and read those words that seem to just flow?

Well my thoughts on poetry are so vast and far it is hard for me to put it all into thoughts without me creating a poem to do so. You see I as a writer have a hard time putting my emotions and feelings into words to be said aloud. But if you give me the chance to write it down a poem will be formed. It may or may not make sense to anyone else but me, but its an emotion, a memory or perhaps even a dream captured for all time and eternity on paper. When I write I get lost in a world that may not ever exist here for you my dear reader. But for me that world is opened up with a simple door and a simple key. It is called pen and paper. When I start to write I seem to just float away, all my worries and stresses are then set free. If only for a time have I escaped, it is just like picking up a novel that you just cant put down.

I enjoy writing poetry, and all differnt types of things. I hope to create something more with this blog then just a place to spin a fairy tale in poetry. I am going to start writing articles that will describe differnt forms of poetry, I will create one or two examples for each differnt type of poetry. I am wanting to express my love of writing in other ways then just poetry. But I shall start to expand my writing abilities by expanding not only your knowledge but mine as well.  I shall start with a simple article on poetry.