Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Protector

My Protector 

I remember the walls  I built
To protect me from harm,
Thinking it was a fortress,
Thinking I was safe.

Along a dusty road,
In a dusty little town
on a night like any other
they fell to the ground.

They fell in such a way
It gave not a sound
Not a warning to behold
Little did I know they were gone.

Engaged in a conversation
That felt so normal,
That felt to right.
A conversation with a secret.

You were so nice,
You were so thoughtfull
You took one look
And you saw what I could not.

You reached for me
And I reached for your hand
Little did I know. . .
My heart landed there.

Little did I realize
That along that dusty road
I gave you a conversation.
Yet I gave you so much more.

At first I feared
Once I found my walls
My sanctuary gone
Fallen to the ground.

Yet as you talked
As you came
As I opened up to you
And you to me

My fear, my worries
Fled in a moments grace.
You told me a sentence
that filled me within 

That whispered
The truth,
And in a second
Wiped away my fear.

Standing by your side
I smile and I laugh.
Watching you work
I work along side you.

Knowing who you are
Knowing what you believe
I have come to know
I have come to Love you.

In the space of 98 days
You stole into my life
You broke my walls down
And I handed you my heart.

218 days along this journey
And it has never felt so right
Walking beside my cowboy
My protector, I smile inside and out.

© June 2, 2013 (Emma Joy Huls)

A Dream Of Sorts

A Dream Of Sorts

A dance is a dance
A fight is a fight
A choice is a choice
and yet....
To dream is a wonder

To dance is talent
To fight is strength
To choose is life
and yet....
To dream is light

A wonder...
A light...
to combine into what?
A dream of sorts.

A dream of sorts
to seek talents
to seek strengths
to seek life.

To seek to dance
in a maze of grace
or to imagine a talent
that brings you to be.

To seek a fight
that is one of strength
one that comes from within
to fight the battles of life.

To seek a choice
of good or of bad
is a battle to win
yet choices to choose.

All in a dream
a dream of sorts
you can find life's battles
to wage or to leave.

© June 2, 2013 (Emma Joy Huls)

Don't Forget To Kneel

When your sitting in a room, looking out a window watching something dreadful approach. Knowing you should stop it from coming you try to stand, yet your legs wont move, they are stiff and seem to be stuck solid to your seat. Your facing a disaster you know you could stop, if only you could move, if only you could do something anything. Yet all you can do is sit and watch as this disastrous storm approaches, destroying all you love all you hold dear as it approaches you.

That is when you know its unstoppable. There is nothing you or anyone else could ever do to stop it.

That is the moment where you feel . . . more then hopeless . . . more than useless. . . that is the moment you almost, or the moment some do give up.

Yet in that moment that is the moment where the "nothing you or anyone else could ever do to stop it" becomes a lie in my eyes. Because in one simple movement you could be on your knees.

Then while your there simply bow your head and utter a prayer. It does not need to be anything profound, or anything like those prayers you hear on the pulpit at church. But this simple prayer needs to be a simple conversation between a man/woman and their Lord. It needs to be your hearts desires, your thoughts, your fears, your worries, and just plain you. And after wards, you may not be able to stop disaster alone, and the disaster may not leave it may continue to wreck havoc all around you. But with Faith, Hope, Love , Charity  and the knowledge that your his child. You can accomplish anything as long as you never forget to kneel.

© June 2, 2013 (Emma Joy Huls)